I was first introduced to the world of children’s clothing when I was a small child working as an ‘assistant’ at my mother’s boutique, ‘Brits for Kids,’ in sunny Southern California.

Every weekend, I’d wake up before sunrise to help my mom set up her booth at the local swap meet (back in the early 90s when they were still considered cool!) I loved trying on and modeling the clothes for the customers, and talking to them about anything under the sun.

Inevitably, life went on. Days “working” in the boutique, and finding joy and connection at the swap meets, became fond, but distant memories. Flash forward to 2016 when I became pregnant with our first child, Elle.

Immediately, the flood of joy and happiness I felt as a child trying on clothes came flooding back as I meticulously began pouring over websites for hours at a time looking for the perfect, high-quality items to dress her in. My heart filled with an indescribable joy as I imagined how cute she’d look in the outfits and bows I picked out for her. Unfortunately, I never got the chance.

Tragedy struck in the Summer of that same year when Elle was born at 32 weeks. We lost her due to a rare disease called non-immune Hydrops Fetalis.

Elle is one of the deeply-rooted inspirations for creating Summer Child, and the reason why we give back to non-profit infant loss groups and research institutes that focus on rare diseases. While there is, and only ever will be, one Elle, I know that there are hundreds of thousands of women and families that have experienced the same loss as I have.

Flash forward to the Fall of 2018, I became pregnant with our second daughter Sienna. Again I found myself drawn to finding the best clothing items I could for her. Items that when I pictured her wearing, sparked that same, immense joy and happiness in our heart. Sienna, our “rainbow baby”, was born happy and healthy in the Summer of 2018.

For those unfamiliar, a “rainbow baby” is a child born to a couple who has previously lost a child due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or death during infancy. You may notice the various items Summer Child carries that bare a rainbow. These items have been chosen to celebrate Sienna and all rainbow babies worldwide for the love and healing that they bring to grieving families.

Summer Child pays homage to my daughters who were born in the summer, as well as the same feelings of love and happiness that I felt all those years ago helping my mom with her shop. We’ve curated only the best, high-quality items for the littlest of humans, and we hope they bring everlasting joy to you and your family for years to come.

- Victoria Schwartz, Founder